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Burlesque • Fetish • Circus • Horror

Redder Than Wine

A burlesque act suitable for a classic as well as alternative burlesque or cabaret show. The androgynous glamour of bisexual Hollywoon icon Marlene Dietrich clad in a rhinestoned suit and a contagious song accompaniment present a staggering combination, which will add the perfect amount of spice and elegance to your evening.

Show Ghoul

There’s such a sad love deep in your eyes… This stunning, classic burlesque act is a real tearjerker, especially for fans of David Bowie. Just a small show ghoul with a big boa served up on a silver platter. Perfect for burlesque shows and corporate events, or any evening which requires sparkly glamour with a romantic undertone.

Sugar Ghoul and Bone Daddy

The international queer performer duo Melancholia Blackbile and Paul Aleksandr will wow you with a broad repertoire of skills, captivating costumes and their professional and friendly approach. You can choose from multiple types of acts from the genres drag, burlesque, boylesque, circus and fetish, or get in touch for a show tailored to your wishes and expectations. We happily perform on larger stages as well as in more intimate spaces.

Feline Shape

Purrr. This bendy kitty has claws! Sometimes you just want to let out your inner cat and frolic in the junkyard. This campy dance performance and acrobatics act inspired by the musical CATS, featuring choreography and looks from the 1998 adaptation, basically screams to be performed on stage during a cabaret evening or themed show.


The rosiness in her cheeks has already gone pale, but her flexibility has not been touched by rigor mortis yet. A contortion act combining beautiful sadness and astonishing physical strength to an excerpt from the famous opera “La Traviata”. This act can adapt to larger stages as well as small spaces.