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Too ghoul for you.

I am Melancholia Blackbile, Prague’s premier horror drag queen, self-proclaimed show ghoul and circus freak, actor, producer and androgynous alternative model. As a versatile cabaret performer with a broad range of skills, nothing brings me joy quite like providing quality entertainment, education, and sharing my love for art and all things weird and wonderful.

Since my performing debut in 2018, I have become an established performer and queer event producer essential to the Czech scene. I am no stranger to international stages either and perform regularly in other countries such as Germany, my native Austria and others. Among these events is also the legendary Bushwig festival in Berlin.

Beside drag, I am trained in classical acting and alternative theatre with experience on stage as well as in front of the camera. I perform burlesque, sideshow and fetish acts, which I like to add a sprinkle of horror and camp to. Whether it be the art of the tease, latex, extravagant makeup, BDSM or acrobatics that is your poison, you will find your very own piece of me to fall in love with – and succumb to. For more details about specific acts, please refer to the section Repertoire.

I’m the founder and curator of the annual Halloween event in Prague called Blood Ball – the largest Queer Horror & Fetish themed party in Prague inaugurated in 2018, which provides a delicious cocktail of drag, burlesque, circus, fashion show and more, and showcases high-end performances by diverse local and international artists. It’s a safe space, where multiple communities and scenes mingle, and where one can be completely themself without judgement – the weirder, the better. 

Supporting the local scene and seeing it grow brings me a lot of joy, which is why I love to attend and also produce queer events. My monthly show Boudoir Macabre – The Queer Horror Cabaret gives a platform to alternative performers and always includes performance opportunities for newbie artists as well as the more established ones. On the other hand is my monthly show called Draglesque, which I co-produce, focusing on featuring professional drag and burlesque performers based in Prague. 

I am a proficient host and the resident horror host at Prague’s horror-themed venue Nightmare Bar, a popular tourist destination for horror movie enthusiasts, where I regularly host Horror Movie Trivia Nights as iconic characters such as Morticia Addams and Elvira.

As far as acting goes, I am a freelance actor and performer currently associated with the theatre collective Depresivní Děti touží po penězích (“Depressive children long for money”) and their ongoing production Happy end v Hotelu Chateau Switzerland

Since 2021, I have been an active member of the production team of the Bohemian Burlesque Festival – the biggest burlesque event in the Czech Republic founded in 2013 by Angelica G. L’Amour. Its mission is to produce lavish burlesque and cabaret events in the Czech Republic and New Zealand. Bohemian Burlesque has produced the first ever international burlesque show in the Czech republic and each year hosts numerous famous international guests, which have included the legend Dirty Martini, Kitten N’ Lou, Chris Oh! and more.

More info on current and upcoming gigs can be found in the section Events.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch, if you would like to have an act or set tailored specifically for your event.


Are you afraid of spiders? Good! You better overcome your fear of these creepy crawlies real quick, so you can enjoy this mysterious black widow in action. An empowering, unsettling act to music by German punk band Grausame Töchter, which will add just the right amount of sexy and spooky to your event.

Bubblegum Glampire

A burlesque fetish fantasy in pink. Sit back, enjoy the view and don’t mind me sinking my teeth deep into your heart. This hauntingly beautiful mix of vampiric atmosphere and high-energy lipsync is especially great for club drag shows, but will stun audiences just as well on stages of cabaret and alternative events.


Melancholy and horror beauty personified. Needles, emotion and a haunting atmosphere, courtesy of music by Switchblade Symphony and an absolute Tim Burton classic. Perfect for Halloween shows, themed parties and any event looking to feature a gorgeous gothic lipsync act. Proximity of the audience recommended for an enhanced, close-up experience.

Feline Shape

Purrr. This bendy kitty has claws! Sometimes you just want to let out your inner cat and frolic in the junkyard. This campy dance performance and acrobatics act inspired by the musical CATS, featuring choreography and looks from the 1998 adaptation, basically screams to be performed on stage during a cabaret evening or themed show. Suitable for all ages.


This ghoul is popular with women and loves to tell passionate stories about her past lovers. And who better to narrate it than Till Lindemann himself. After all, German is the language of love *wink wink*. This hot floorwork based, high-energy fetish act will fulfil all your kink and sequin desires. Especially great for fetish and alternative events.

Mean And Green

A campy, high-energy circus and striptease performance to the soundtrack of one of the most iconic musicals of all times – Little Shop of Horrors. I sure hope you like human-eating plants, the colour green and a whole lot of (s)ass! This act is perfect for any burlesque and drag show or musical theatre themed events.

Redder Than Wine

They say that blood is thicker than water. This horror and sideshow act will show you that it’s in fact also redder than wine and trust that it’ll be up-close and personal. Come find out what happens when you mix horrorlesque with a 30s Hollywood icon. Great for cabaret and alternative events which welcome needles and real blood.

Regular Check-Up

Have you been to the doctor lately? Latex nurse Melancholia and her assistant will conduct a thorough, visceral examination. So, who’s the next victi- I mean patient? A hot and hardcore interactive performance ideal for fetish, horror and alternative events with bigger stages. Available as a solo act or twin look double act.

Show Ghoul

There’s such a sad love deep in your eyes… This gorgeous, tasteful burlesque act is a real tear-jerker. Just a small show ghoul with a big boa served up on a silver platter. Meant to be performed on a larger stage for the best effect and viewer experience. Perfect for burlesque shows and corporate events, or any evening which calls for some David Bowie.

The Devil Is A Woman

Madam Satan is hot as hell, literally, and is very well aware of it. Are you intrigued to see how this tight-laced, rhinestoned red devil herself takes off her gloves in the most seductive way imaginable to mere mortals? This theatrical burlesque and circus act with a twist on a musical classic and spot-on lipsyncing is perfect for queer cabaret shows and drag nights.

The Seven Deadly Sins

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. The Punisher is not merciful at the Gates of Hell and each sinner shall repent accordingly. This 10-minute BDSM horror show straight out of a Clive Barker fantasy featuring seven accompanying performers is recommended for larger fetish events or Halloween shows and requires a large enough stage. Ideal as a shocking main show or closing act for your extravagant event.

Ein Bisschen Bi

This impersonation, stand-up and live singing set is a tribute to the legendary Hollywood actress Marlene Dietrich. The act can last from a quick 10-minute set up to an hour or based on your expectations. In English, German or (sung part only) in French with a wide range of songs to choose from. Optional live piano accompaniment. For queer events, bars and speak-easys, as well as big theatre stages.

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You can book me to perform, model or host (in English, Czech or German) at a variety of events. Producers, photographers, designers and other creative minds interested in collaborating, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
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You can see me perform or meet me at the following events. Watch out for dates when I’ll be in your city and contact me for bookings and collaborations!

July 9 | Burlesque Bombshells – A Maze in Tchaiovna, Prague

July 16 | Burlesque Summer Party – Klub Kotelna, Prague

July 17 | Bohemian Burlesque Cabaret – Cabaret des Péchés, Brno

July 18 | Drag the Boat – Botel Vodník, Prague

July 22 | Horror Movie Trivia NightNightmare Bar, Prague | Free Entry!

July 24 | Boudoir Macabre – A Maze in Tchaiovna, Prague | Tickets on sale here

August 2 | Mezipatra Pub Quiz – Kasárna Karlín aka Pride House at Prague Pride | Free entry!

August 6 | Pride Burlesque – at Střelecký ostrov aka Pride Village at Prague Pride | Free Entry!

September 23 | Bohemian Burlesque Festival: Bohemian Cabaret Brno – Cabaret des Péchés

September 24 | Bohemian Burlesque Festival: Bohemian Cabaret Prague – Grand Hotel Bohemia

September 25 | Bohemian Burlesque Festival: Bohemian Market, Prague

September 25 | Bohemian Burlesque Festival: Bohemian Queen Night, Prague

October 30 | Blood Ball 2021 – PM Club, Prague | Tickets on sale here

Don’t forget to check this section regularly for new dates and follow me on Instagram to not miss any updates!

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Don’t hesitate to contact me, if you’d like to book me for your event or project.